ICQ and Generation Z

ICQ in the lives of young people is one of the main methods of communication with each other. All my friends and acquaintances sit in ICQ, as it is convenient and we can communicate with the person as much as we want, as in reality we can not communicate with him so much.

But a huge disadvantage of ICQ is that we can’t see the person, we can’t see his emotions, we can’t see how he reacts to the message he has written, and we lose the meaning of communication. Communicating on ICQ becomes nothing more than a bunch of letters, brackets, and emoticons.

I believe that we should not replace real communication with virtual communication, which, by the way, is exactly what is happening now, people are sitting in social networks and ICQ more than they are walking around, having fun.

ICQ vs Generation Z

Even my mother manages to sit on three social networks at once while she works at the computer. I understand the age of advanced technologies and all that, but at least some human attachments must remain. And what harm to your eyes, how many hours a day do you spend in front of a computer screen, did you try to calculate?

In my family, the computer works 15 hours a day. I myself understand perfectly well that this is very harmful, but I cannot tear myself away, since it drags on very strongly, so much that I do not do what I am asked to do. Trivial duties, take out the trash, go to the store.

I can’t tear myself away, and I’m 60% sure that you have the same case. I’m afraid to imagine how many people besides me are sitting at the computer?

Are you using ICQ? I am sure that yes. Do you like it? This question is answered by everyone himself, but ICQ , it is an indispensable way of exchanging information. The student does not know the schedule for the next day, where will he first look? Not in a diary, but in ICQ, and immediately ask classmates. Another example, a guy likes a girl, but in life, he cannot approach her, but in ICQ it is much easier to do it because no one will laugh at you. Well, or as a last resort, you can go offline. There is also aka for mobile or mobile ICQ.

In ICQ, you can say what cannot be said in life. It’s much easier to do, and it’s easy to get away from the answer if you’re forced to do it.

What would you like to see, a bunch of letters and brackets from your loved one, or to hear his voice, see his eyes, smell him. ICQ is a very convenient way of communication, but you need to know the line between real communication and virtual. Don’t turn it into life!

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