7 Ways to Overcome Social Media Addiction

A lot has been said about social networks as the drugs of our time. Both the fact that social networks can drive you into depression and the fact that social networks have defeated the adult industry in popularity on the Internet.

In any case, this addiction can, to a great extent, spoil your physical or mental condition. It should be resisted. It makes no difference if you are trying to promote your blog in social networking groups or if you are setting up an online store or just get to know each other, you should sooner or later find a balance between real life and the body’s capabilities and addiction to social media.

I’ll give you some tips to help you overcome social media addiction. So, how to get rid of social media addiction.

1. Take pauses

What your fatigue threshold is, only you know. Determine the approximate amount of time you spend at the computer and your brain and reactions are still fresh and not looped. Maybe for someone, this period is an hour or three hours, everyone is different. Schedule the time or use a special program. Or, exercise your willpower and take a 20-minute walk in the park.

You will have to use willpower at first, but however, this is simply necessary for you in the future.

2. Phone

Try to call your closest friends or relatives by phone and find out how are they? Do not forget, these are the dearest people to you. Plus it will distract you from your computer for a while.

3. Healthy Eating

Make it a habit to take vitamins in the morning. Keep more natural juices and dairy products in the refrigerator. Heavy foods, will only keep your brain busy. Since heavy foods take a long time for the body to digest, blood will linger in the gastrointestinal tract, not stimulating brain activity.

4. Everything is bad

If you feel addiction is taking a serious turn, try one of these sites:

The goal of these communities is to help people overcome their addiction to social media.

5. Use bans and filters

Prohibit inviting you to numerous unnecessary groups. Set to receive messages only from your friends. Work on a list of notifications to your friends about your activities. Unnecessarily asking your friend about adding a new app you want to check out only kills your time. Time that you can use for a pleasant occupation for you or promotion of your site.

6. Yoga

The times when yoga was perceived as a religious cult are over. Many global corporations encourage their employees to do yoga, offering them free memberships to fitness clubs or hiring a group instructor.

Take 10 minutes a day for simple exercises and you will get a positive charge of energy. I suggest you watch a video to help you practice yoga and take your mind off social media.

7. Breathing

Nothing enriches your body with oxygen like deep breathing. Oxygen is the engine of your brain. Pause and breathe calmly for exactly two to five minutes. Breathe in and out slowly. Do not take breaths longer than exhalations, otherwise, you will probably be drawn to sleep.

You can also try different types of breathing depending on your condition.

The growth of social media will continue in the coming years. Our psychology is set up so that most of us will become addicted, and social media will enter almost every sphere of real human life. Therefore, most of the world’s population will not be able to avoid social media.

Many will see themselves in this video, be sure to check it out:

Try to take full advantage of social media for your life and business and balance it with the ways above.

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