How To Relieve Eye Strain While Working On A Computer

Eyes are the mirror of the soul, one of the most important human organs and the subtlest instrument that performs perhaps the most important function – the ability to see. However, many of us every day stare at computer monitors for many hours, by the evening our eyes get tired, and over time, vision may deteriorate.

How To Relieve Eye Strain While Working On A Computer

If you feel constant discomfort, then to relieve eye strain from the computer, you need to do the following:

1. Distance to screen

First, analyze how far away from the screen you are. The eyes should be about 3 diagonals away from it.

2. Rest after every hour

After an hour of work, you need to give your eyes a rest from the computer for at least 5-10 minutes. If you don’t have this luxury, just take your eyes off the screen and look out the window, moving it from object to object 20-25 times (for example, from a tree, to a building located in the distance).

3. Sitting in one position

Sitting in one position for a long time creates tension in the muscles of the neck and back, and this directly affects the saturation of blood in the head and, in particular, in the eyes. A break of 5 minutes is enough for simple exercises: turning the head without effort up and down, right-left and back 180 °.

4. Free moment

If you have a free minute, sit back in your chair, relax and close your eyes; the tension drops.
Be sure to do at least one exercise from my article on how to do eye gymnastics.

5. Lights off

Do not use the computer with the lights off. The sharp contrast is very tiring for the eyes.

6. Airing

Indoors, over time, the air becomes dry (the influence of household appliances, computers, heaters), causing dry eyes, followed by burning and fatigue. From time to time it is necessary to ventilate the office, at the same time enrich yourself with a portion of oxygen. No need to stare at the screen without blinking, the muscles of the eyes get tired, and the eyelids, without moving, do not perform the function of washing the cornea, causing dry eyes.

7. Adequate sleep

To restore your eyes after a hard day, you need 7-8 hours of good sleep.

8. Nutrition

The ability to see well must be supported by a proper, balanced diet. It is necessary to include in the diet vegetables and fruits containing vitamin A (carrots, parsley, rose hips, dill, peppers, apricots, red rowan berries). From animal products, beef liver is rich in vitamin A.

If you do not forget to follow these rules every day, it is real not only to keep your eyes healthy, but also in some cases to restore your vision, if it is no longer so sharp. Try doing yoga in front of your computer as well, this will restore your overall well-being.

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