How To Optimize Your Time For Blogging

I regularly hear complaints like: “I don’t have enough time to blog, I’m too busy!” and a whole mountain of excuses flies after her … excuses for the impossibility of managing your time, or unwillingness. Time is free but priceless. We do not own it, but we can use it.

While time is limited, we have 24 hours a day to do a real re-prioritization. Most bloggers work at work, which takes 9 hours a day at the most, plus about 7 hours of sleep and 8 hours of sleep to do all the homework, hang out with family and friends, and relax with a hobby.

Time Management for Blogging

And that’s why we must learn to control all our time, so as not to waste a minute in vain, but to live every moment wisely. How to make time for your dream blog and achieve your goals in life? So, how to optimize your time for blogging.

1. Stop just reading, start writing already

I understand that reading other people’s diaries is very exciting, but if you feel like you can keep a very relevant blog yourself, why not start directly now? Reduce the amount of time you spend reading and start doing what you’ve been dreaming about for so long. Don’t stand still. Be the master of your blog and your life!

2. Don’t get hung up on statistics

If you constantly do nothing but check your statistics and wait until you receive money for traffic, you will not achieve anything. Think about what to write to your blog, go to statistics no more than once a day.

3. Focus on what’s more important

You must focus on what leads to the fulfillment of all of your goals. For bloggers, the most important thing is usually the engagement of their blog with the readership. So you develop everything new ways to attract more readers to your posts, articles and notes.

4. Don’t be distracted

Nowadays it is very easy to get carried away and start surfing the Internet when you don’t really need it. You can easily be carried away to someone else’s blog, where you will already start chatting with someone, and here, of course, you will not have enough time for your own blog. Don’t be distracted by trifles!

5. Throw away the TV

Yes, even at least 30-50% of people watch TV. Do not wonder! Most people claim that they are too busy to blog regularly, even though they somehow have enough time to watch TV for a few hours! This, of course, may be interesting, but not more interesting than your blog, is it?

6. Forget the schedule

Have you made yourself a tight enough schedule for recording blog entries? Stop it immediately! If you overload yourself, then you will simply give up the whole business, which is very offensive. Write once or twice a week. Do not squeeze all the juices out of yourself every day, it is better to write less often, but more interesting than every day, but complete nonsense.

7.Focus on your health

Eat right. Exercise daily. Get enough sleep. Leading a healthy lifestyle will definitely make you more energetic and improve your productivity throughout the day.

8. Don’t spend a lot of time on social media

Social media is important for promoting your blog, but don’t make it addictive. Spend a maximum of 1 hour per day on social media. If you have already acquired such a dependency, read this article of mine , maybe it will help you overcome the addiction from social networks.

In iPhone, for example, has a function to check the time spent in different applications. Many are surprised when they see that they spend on average 3-4 hours a day on Instagram or TikTok. Many people confuse the time spent on Facebook and Messenger, justifying themselves with working time.

9. Write from the bottom of your heart

When you read someone’s blog and it just drives you crazy, then the blog author has a passion for what he does. Passion appears when a person writes with a soul about what is really interesting to him. An interesting topic for you is the best motivation that can be! You cannot fall asleep until you finish, or vice versa, you jump up neither light nor dawn, only to write, write, write … This is who a real blogger is!

Most “busy” bloggers waste their time on all sorts of nonsense, including watching TV, instead of shining on their page. In addition, after an “empty” day, there is not much to talk about. So take this seriously and shift your priorities from passive browsing to actively blogging with goals and dreams. No one will ever write about this better than you!

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