Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Networks for Bloggers

In this post, we are talking about Best Affiliate Marketing Programs. Not Every blogger but a large number of bloggers want to make some money from their blog. Affiliate marketing is a way to earn some bucks to thousands of dollars. It depends on the conversation rate and Blog traffic as well as SEO. In this article, we are reviewing:

  1. Share a Sale.
  2. ClickBank.
  3. Amazon Associates.
  4. CJ Affiliate by Conversant.
  5. Impact radius.

What is affiliate networks?

Affiliate networks may define as the company or community that act intermediate between publisher (affiliate) and marched (affiliate programs). It allows the publisher to find suitable affiliate programs (earn money by promoting) for their website or blog and to the merchants promote their service to the large audience. 

What is the benefit of affiliate networks?

Benefits are listed below:

  1. Thousands of affiliate programs at one place.
  2. On-time payments from all programs.
  3. All reports together at one place.

Best affiliate marketing programs for Bloggers

1. Share A Sale

Top 5 affiliate marketing networks for bloggers Share A Sale

In my opinion, share a sale is at no 1. Trusted by thousands of Bloggers as well as merchants. Share a sale have more than 3000 products. They offer physical, Software, SAAS, internet tools, web hosting etc. Share a sale is acquired by affiliated windows.

Share a sale is the network, I sign up first because it is the library of quality products with great support as well as commission and payment. Payment is made 20th of each month.

Share a Sale – join

2. Click bank

Top 5 affiliate marketing networks for bloggers Click bank

ClickBank is the most popular affiliate network in the world. ClickBank primarily focuses on digital products.

Easy to set up. Joining charge free with some easy steps to get register. Easy understand UI with great customer support. Their link generation and tracking are out of the world. As like Share a Sale, Clickbank had also great quality products with better conversion at up to the maximum commission.

Join Click bank

3. Amazon Associates

Top 5 affiliate marketing networks for bloggers Amazon Associates

Amazon is the most popular E-commerce website. It associates (affiliate program) provides digital and physical, both types of products. Amazon Kinhashave the highest number of E-books (a dedicated store for e-books).

They have the largest affiliate program on the internet. Their commissions are low, but the conversion rate is very high. Millions of bloggers already making thousands or millions of dollars through this.

Join Amazon associate

4. CJ Affiliate by Conversant

Top 5 affiliate marketing networks for bloggers CJ Affiliate by Conversant

Commission Junction is one of the most recommended affiliate network. They have also the product to promote at any niche. Joining fee also zero with great customer support.

Their tracking system is out of the world. Just click on the link below and join the Cj network.

Join CJ Affiliate 

5. Impact radius

Top 5 affiliate marketing networks for bloggers Impact radius

Impact radius founded in 2007. In this, you won’t find any role for the affiliate manager. Here Marchants manually manage their own program. Impact Radius payment is paid via ACH (free), International wire transfers and checks ($5 processing fee).

Join Impact radius

There are many types of monetization programs run on the web. Some of them

  1. Affiliate marketing.
  2. Ads Networks (like Google adsense, etc).
  3. CPM ads networks.
  4. Text links ads (like viglinks).
  5. In line text ads ( like infolinks etc).
  6. Direct ads sell.
  7. Sponsered post and Social media posts.
  8. Sponsered Product reviews.
  9. Create and sell own products.
  10. Sell services and consultant.

The conclusion – Here I have shared some affiliate marketing programs, which I am also using. If you have any problem, feel free to ask me.

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