How to write a Blog post: Easy tips (5 Templates)

In this post, we are talking about, how to write a blog post? Every million blogs are written. Here I will share with you some tips and techniques to write a great article. Before starting the topic you need to know some things like –

And one more thing that which topic you want to explore? Are know about that topic? If NO then improves your knowledge else Let’s start. In my opinion, 99% of blogs have writing 5 writing styles – 

  • How-to guides (Actionable blog post).
  • News junctions.
  • Resource blog post.
  • Interviews.
  • Infographics and comparison.
  • Review.

First of all, you need to understand your audience, that what they want? After that, you need to do (checklist) –

  • A catching title for your blog post.
  • Proper use of Headlines.
  • Meta Description and On-page optimization.
  • Write an introduction (Information section only that love your audience).
  • Add a featured image.
  • Organize your content.
  • Opinions from your audience.

Let’s start discussing each topic and section one by one.

How To Write a Blog Post?

1. How-to guides (an actionable post) –

You can’t go wrong with this type of blog post. They are a long-tail passphrase, which is better for SEO. there are many off-site are like Quicksprout, Wpbeginner, etc already writing this type of stuff. People always search “How to” to do something. If you write an informative guide than your site will be on top.

Some checklist:

  • Write your outline first, cover everything that needs to do?
  • Use proper Headline (H1, H2, etc) with the start of How to_, Ultimate guide to_ or a proper way to do_. 
  • Write detailed information.
  • Always Write instructions for each step.
  • Use featured images.
  • Add some screenshots.

2. News junction

News junction – this type of website always uses attractive headlines with full details of as well as announcements. Always cover topics first.

  • Attractive headline.
  • Detailed news or announcements.
  • Featured images.
  • The source.

3. Resources blog post

Resources blog post – this type of post provides a checklist to do something properly. Like Top 10 plugins should always use on WordPress blog, Top 10 ways to improve SEO, etc.

  • Headlines are king.
  • Detailed instruction.
  • Resource list.
  • Resources links.
  • Why you recommend it.
  • And the conclusion.

4. Interviews

Interviews – write a full information of interviews, everything like questions with answers, Tools they use their resources, Why they are on? how they start their journey etc.

  • Introduction.
  • Images.
  • How and where they start their journey?
  • Informative questions with the answers
  • Tools and the resources list.
  • Messages to the audience. 

4. Infographics and comparisons

In this section first talk about, What are Infographics? Infographics are made of graphics and some informative text that clarify your audience’s answers. And the Comparison is to select which one is the best two more products. You can create Infographics with Canva or Pictochart.

  • Use proper Titles for Infographics.
  • Use pic notes or charts.
  • Write the main point only.
  • Put the Infographics first with an outline, everything together after this.
  • Use the proper symbol with text.

5. Reviews

In my opinion, write a proper review with in-depth, never write for money. Recommend only products that you trust. This is another type of post that will get a high organic search as well as revenue. Let’s start –

  • Use review word in your title.
  • In-depth features with description.
  • Honest opinion.
  • Write pros/cons.
  • What your recommendations as well as others.
  • Add stars and snippets.

The conclusion – Here are some resources which I am using for writing my own blog post. If you have any problems, feel free to ask me. 

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