6 Tips for Extending Life of Laptop

Summer is coming, and this means you may have big problems with the laptop. You can compare a laptop and a desktop computer only according to the functions performed, but not according to the rules of use. The portable PC has a number of disadvantages, which, if used improperly, will significantly reduce the life of the device until the first breakdown.

We all know that mainly bloggers, webmasters, and SEO guys use laptops. Therefore, it is so important to follow the simple rules of use and safety precautions when working.


The first and greatest danger to a laptop is overheating. Especially when you hold the laptop on your knees or beds. Due to its small size, the cooling system is not very efficient, so the temperature regime will always be higher than that of the desktop counterpart. A small cooler and a radiator with a large number of angles well retain dust, which makes the outflow of heat even lower.

At least once a year, it is necessary to look under the bottom cover and clean the components of the cooling system from dust. Cleaning is part of a series of preventative measures, so you should not wait for the moment when the laptop itself turns off from overheating during operation.

After all, one day he may not turn on again.

Bowl near the laptop

A considerable threat to the entire internal filling of the device is a cup with any liquid in clumsy hands. When the keyboard gets wet, the more expensive components of the laptop, installed directly behind it, often suffer. And even in the best case, replacing the keyboard itself will cost much more than buying a new controller for a desktop analog. You should not keep cups of tea or coffee (and from your own experience, and beer bottles on your desktop), in order to avoid unpleasant accidents. Eating behind a laptop or typing with dirty hands is considered not only a bad form.

Contamination of the keyboard with rubbish will negate the maintenance of personal hygiene, as well as threatens quite serious diseases. The food debris under the buttons can attract insects that, if they get inside the device, will definitely not benefit from its performance.

Laptop RAM

We pass to the technical part. In order not to load the hard drive in vain, it is recommended to install a sufficient amount of RAM. For modern applications, 2 GB of RAM is considered sufficient. With so much RAM, the number of calls to the hard drive will decrease, this will significantly extend the life of this expensive component. A rather expensive element is also a laptop battery. 

ou can extend its life if you use it only when you need to take a PC with you, for example, to another room. For prolonged use, it is best to remove the battery. Do not store the battery fully charged or discharged for a long time, as this leads to a loss of capacity. Optimum for long-term storage will be a charge level of 40 to 60 percent.

Screen clarity

The laptop screen is very fragile and gets dirty pretty quickly. It is problematic to wipe it off without special cleaning agents, you have to make an effort, and this can damage the display matrix. It must be remembered that there are different cleaners for glass and plastic. Also, do not use a cloth with a pile, it is better to purchase a special cloth with microfiber.


The slide of the DVD drive is also quite fragile, their failure is a common reason for contacting the manufacturer’s service center. The slotted drive is less prone to breakage. However, in the latter case, you should always remember that non-standard (for example, smaller diameter) discs should never be inserted without a special adapter.


This item does not seem to be directly related to the topic of the article, however, always remember to protect your software. Viruses can also overload the system, which will lead to overheating of the laptop. Install only licensed software, at least for free. By the way, security should be primarily on the Internet.

These are the main points, which, in my opinion, are important when using a laptop; on average, my laptop has been working for 3 years, then I either give it away or pour it with beer or tea 🙁 I wish all your long life to your laptop!

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