6 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress For Blogging

In this article, we are talking about Why use WordPress for your Website?

Why use WordPress for Website or Blog?

WordPress is CMS (content management system), which has great community support. It is easy to use.

1. WordPress is easy to set up, manage, maintain and update

WordPress has two versions first one is WordPress.com and the second one is WordPress.org formerly know as self-hosted WordPress. For using the WP, you need to know any coding language like PHP, HTML, etc. Just need an internet connection and browser to manage this.

2. Easily and Customize themes

WordPress supports custom themes and customization. Many of third-party offers WP themes. WP themes repo has already more 1500+ free themes as well as many third-party professionals are offering through their website. Just Download and install on wp.

3. Easily add plugins

WP has approximately 50 000 plugins in the there plugins repo. Lot’s of professional plugins is offering WP premium plugins through their website, as well as many marketplaces, are available, where you can buy wp plugins as well as theme. I recommend to add these WordPress plugins right after Wordpress setup.

4. SEO-friendly CMS

In their plugin repo, you will find lots of plugins, which will solve your problem in minutes. WP supports custom URL structures, which is good for SEO. This is a fully optimized SEO-friendly CMS for any Business, Website or Blog.

5. Mobile First Optimized

WP is a fully mobile-optimized CMS. You just need to install a responsive theme and you are done. Dozens of plugins do this for you very smoothly.

6. Open source, Great support with the world’s largest community

WordPress is an open-source CMS, which is developed by Matt Mullenweg in 2003, currently, they 28% of websites in the world powered by WordPress.

The conclusion
Here, I have covered Why use WordPress for Website or Blog?, if you have any problem feel free to ask me. Let us know if your blog is on WordPress?

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