How to buy MiamiCoin (MIA)

Miami was the first city to start selling its own cryptocurrency, MiamiCoin. The basic idea of MiamiCoin is that by buying or mining MIA, investors will be able to support the city and multiply their cryptocurrency while receiving profits from Bitcoin BTC and Stacks STX. The proceeds from this cryptocurrency will go to the development of the metropolis, particularly to improve the city, such as by investing in education and providing affordable housing, as well as to solve other problems for which there would otherwise be a lack of financial resources.

MiamiCoin: Miami’s new cryptocurrency

“How and where to buy MiamiCoin” is a search query gaining popularity on Google. Miami has become the first city to have its own cryptocurrency.

MiamiCoin is a new cryptocurrency launched in August 2021, developed in partnership with the city administration as part of the CityCoins project. MiamiCoin, like bitcoins, is created through a technical process in which computers “mine” the currency. MiamiCoin is backed by a cryptocurrency called Stacks.

Miners with the appropriate software – mount stacks, which when sent to the CityCoins platform can generate MiamiCoins. The more stacks sent, the better your chances of getting MiamiCoins.

Investors interested in buying or trading MiamiCoin can buy it on the Okcoin cryptocurrency exchange. The correct designation for the new cryptocurrency is MIA.

How to buy MIA through Okcoin

  • Register on the Okcoin exchange;
  • Go through the process of verification “identity verification;
  • Replenish your account with your bank card in the “Wallet”;
  • Go to the “Trades” and select the amount of MIA you want to buy;
  • Click the “Buy MIA” button.

I advise this exchange for those who want maximum security in the calculations. To learn more about how MIA works, check out the OkCoin blog post.

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