7 Ideas For Promoting Travel And Tourism Companies Online

The most important tool for attracting customers to travel agencies is, of course, websites, on the pages of which are placed the offers of a particular company.

Today, many travel agencies have their own web resource, but not all of them fall into the field of view of potential customers. Why is it happening? Mainly because they do not use all possible Internet resources to promote their offers or just do not know about their existence, and sometimes they just do not see the need to use such tools for promotion their web projects on the web.

Promoting Travel And Tourism Companies Online

Let’s suppose a travel agency offers a vacation at a ski resort and wants to bet on this product in a given period of time. What is needed for potential customers looking for such a product to go to the site of this company?

If you want to promote winter vacation, you should think about buying advertising space on travel portals or sites on similar topics.

You can use different advertising options: contextual advertising, banners, custom articles, e-mails, social networks, and others. The effectiveness of all these advertising tools is different, but with the right combination, you can get a really good result. So, how to successfully promote a travel agency?

1. Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising (Adwords, Yandex.Direct) works faster than the others, because it is enough to spend some time to use it and your text messages with an active link will start appearing in search engines. In addition, you can use targeting tools to promote your proposal using context.

2. SEO optimization

A customer who is looking for interesting offers will probably look for a suitable resource using Google and Yandex search engines. Typing, he expects to receive a list of search results, which will find the web page he needs. For the owners of any commercial resource, it is essential that the site is at the top of the list of results on the main queries.

If you talk about your offer, it does not mean that the user will come to you. SEO optimization is an important tool for promoting your Internet resource on the World Wide Web.

The purpose of using this method is to bring a particular site to the top of the search results, resulting in an influx of customers.

3. SMO

It is also necessary to carry out PR-actions in social networks – SMO – Social Media Optimization. Groups, events, and public pages are very popular on social networks. The most popular and adapted today are Vkontakte and Facebook. A PR company can be overt and covert, the main thing is that it is trained by experienced professionals.

4. Blogging

It is very important to be able to interact with network users because they are among the potential customers of the travel agency. Such an internet marketing tool used in website promotion as blogging has proven to be very effective. But you need to be very careful, because if your offer turns out to be much better than a real vacation, then thousands of blog users will soon learn about it. And all the work to promote your offer will go to waste.

5. Email marketing

Properly foundation of email-marketing company is the key to success in promoting your travel product. I recommend reading the article about online sales.

6. Purchase of native ads tourist traffic

You can purchase targeted traffic on native ads exchanges.

7. Video advertising – viral marketing

Create an original video and run it on Youtube and Rutube.

Here is an example: If your video is really special, it will be distributed on the principle of viral marketing.

Do you know more effective ways to promote travel company? Share with us!

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